edamame with tofu & figs

We really enjoyed this dish. A very refreshing meal, full of protein and iron and fruity taste. Ridiculously easy to make, all you need is tofu, steamed edamame beans and figs.


1 package silken firm tofu like mori-nu
500 grams edamame beans
6 dried figs
2 T.S. soy sauce
1 T.S. rice vinegar
1 T.S. sesame seeds
1 T.S. sesame oil
1/2 t.s. salt
1/4 t.s. ground ginger

Edamame with tofu and figs
Edamame with tofu and figs

Soak the figs for about 3 hours, place in a steam basket and steam for 20 minutes. Steam the edamame as well, let cool, open the pods and pop out the beans. Crumble the tofu and slice the figs in small pieces. To make the dressing mix the soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, salt, ground ginger and sesame seeds. Place the edamame, tofu and figs in a serving bowl and top with the dressing. Serve cold.


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