vegetarian sushi

This was my first attempt to make sushi. It didn’t go that bad but I need to repeat this few more times until I learn how to make perfect rolls. When I watched the tutorial video I thought it wouldn’t be difficult but you can’t call it easy! so I need to practice-practice-practice. After all it’s  Sean’s favorite food so I need to learn how to make it perfect! By the way my husband told me that he is becoming a pescetarian! It’s a start… isn’t it? So I am quite happy!!!! Small steps and who knows? maybe next yr he will give up on fishies too 🙂

Ingredients for 24 pieces/3 rolls

3 nori sheets
1 cup brown sushi rice
1 carrot
1 cucumber
1 avocado ripe
2 T.S. japanese rice vinegar
1 t.s. agave nectar
wasabi paste
soyu sauce


Cook rice according to the package directions. While cooking the rice cut the vegetables in thin strips. Once the rice is done, let it cool and transfer in a bowl. Fluff the rice and add the japanese rice vinegar and the agave nectar. Use a sushi rolling mat to make your rolls. The round surface should be on top and the flat surface on the botton – bamboo strips facing horizontally. Place a nori sheet on the sushi mat with the shiny side facing down and spread about 4 T.S of cooked rice leaving the half sheet uncovered. Press the rice gently with your fingertips making sure there is enough rice even at the edges. Arrange your vegetables in the center on top of the rice. Place your fingers under the rolling mat so to starting rolling. For a rolling tutorial watch this video.  When you are done cut the sushi rolls into 8 small rolls. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce.


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