Happy World Vegan Day!!!

from Athens, Greece @ the Kypselis municipal market…

to celebrate the World Vegan Day (1st of November) the Greek Vegan Forum organized a successful event at the Kypselis municipal market. We did film screenings, served vegan food and gave a lot of information material. We also offered dvds of the amazing documentary film Earthlings that every person should watch in order to understand why Vegans  decided to go vegan. For the vegan buffet I made potato pies, hot dogs, hummus, spicy garbanzo sausages, coconut cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves) and raw chocolate truffles.  Other members made delicious treats such as chocolate cake, granola bars, prune rolls, lemon muffins, apple pies, samoses, tofu pies, biscotti, almond cheese, monterey jack cheese, falafel, nutballs, hummus, brownies and many many more!

the crowd
the vegan buffet
film screening
information material
vegan desserts
vegan food
tofu pies and more
vegan home made sausages, falafel, nutballs and more
vegan treats!!!

Happy World Vegan Day! And happy Vegan Mofo to my favorite bloggers!!!

Many thanks to Elsa for the photos!


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