Appetite for Reduction Review

Take me down to the Paradise City where all animals are free and the food is oh sooo pretty!

Over the last two weeks I’ve been cooking mostly from Isa’s new cookbook, Appetite for Reduction. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book as  it’s full of healthy recipes, pretty food photography and suggestions for less than 30 minute dinners. I own a few cookbooks – that I rarely use  – but this one was quite inspirational. I read the whole book and then picked the recipes that I wanted to try.  There are still more recipes that I am willing to cook but here are the ones that I instantly fell in love with. Well a book carrying a heavy title like this couldn’t be less fabulous! It deserves a place in everyone’s kitchen and I hope it will make the same sales as the popular Guns N’ Roses album, Appetite for Destruction – which by the way is my favorite album EVER. And I mean EVER!

Now get into the food

I first made the Sushi Edamame Roll which was delicious. I used whole edamame beans because I like sucking on the pods. Instead of the avocado I used mushrooms. It was delicious! The Green-Onion miso vinegrette was outstanding. I will be making this again! and again!

Sushi Roll Edamame Salad

From the salads I also made the everyday chickpea quinoa salad which was nice and pretty and all but I was in hurry and didn’t get a photo. I will update my post next time that I will make it.

Next i made the Buffabellos. These are grilled portobellos with Buffalo Tempe Marinade. It was way very tasty but I think I made it way too spicy that I couldn’t eat it all. Sean was good enough to eat my leftovers too.


Then I decided to test few recipes from the Main Event Beans chapter and they were all pretty darn good! I used dry beans that I cooked on my own instead of the canned beans that these recipes call for.

I made the baked falafel, which were the same recipe I’ve been using for years but with a kick of spiciness thanks to the hot sauce that this recipe calls for! This one wins a weekly spot in our menus. Ridiculously easy to make, comes together quick and dinner is served!

baked falafel

The forty clove chickpeas & broccoli was nice too. Sean liked it more than I did because he is a huge fan of garlic. I loved the texture of the baked broccoli but I would prefer less garlic to mine. And no, there are not 40 cloves of garlic in the recipe. There are just 10, but 10 are still a lot! Here is served with seitan & mushrooms cooked in wine garlicky broth. I may decrease the garlic next time I will make this.

10 cloves chickpeas and broccoli with seitan & mushrooms

My most favorite so far, which I have already made twice, is the Caribbean Curried Black Eyed Peas with Plantains. Somehow I ended up having 20 packs of dry black eyed peas in my cabinet, and this recipe came exactly the moment I was thinking what to do with those. The plantains add a sweetness to this tasty dish and I am suggesting you not to leave them behind!

Caribbean Curried Black-Eyed Peas with Plantains

Oh my… what can I say about the Mango BBQ Beans??? You should buy this book just for this recipe! Seriously! It’s so plain but so tasty the same time that you won’t believe it!

mango bbq beans

Another recipe I made from the beans section was the Black Beans in Red Velvet Mole. It was alright but I am not sure whether I’ll be making it again. No photo, as this dish does not really turn your appetite on.

Last but not least, from this chapter I made the low fat hummus (and few of the friends). The basic recipe was really good but the pizza hummus was outstanding! The Roasted Red Pepper & Kalamata hummus was really tasty as well.

low fat hummus

The broiled blackened tofu is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The spices work really good in this recipe and the high heat broiling gives it this nice color. We had it with rice and with 40 cloves chickpeas and broccoli.

blackened tofu

I made sandwiches with the leftovers. We wouldn’t normally have any leftovers, but I had doubled the recipe as I had a feeling that was gonna be really good.

sandwich with blackened tofu

At last, I made the Portobello Pepper Steak Stew. We ate it plain and we liked it much, but I enjoyed it mostly on an open sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato and cheddar sauce the next morning that I had it for breakfast.

In the next few days, I will make a post about giving away to one of my readers an Appetite for Reduction copy. In the meantime, turn your cd player on, play the Appetite for Destruction album, and cook one of the recipes that are available online at Isa’s blog. On a last note I am sure Axl would be happy to eat everything from this book! Same goes for my kitty cat!

Fystikos and his Appetite for Reduction copy

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