chocolate peanut butter cups

Peanut butter is not  really popular in Greece but as I am married to an American that loves peanut butter and reese’s peanut butter cups (it’s the first thing he buys every time we visit the States) I had to come up with a way to recreate them. I’ve seen a few recipes online and in several cook books but they all call for powder sugar and margarine mixed with the peanut butter filling and I couldn’t understand why. Anyway my chocolate peanut butter cups are super simple and easy to make. The only thing you need is vegan chocolate chips  and peanut butter (I used light peanut butter).

I tried before to make peanut butter cups using paper cupcake liners but they were a bit messy so this time I used my silicone baking cups and they turned out great!


150 gr vegan chocolate chips
6 teaspoons light peanut butter

chocolate peanut butter cups

Use a double broiler to melt the chocolate chips.  Once the chocolate is melted fill each liner with 1 TB of chocolate and with the bottom of the spoon spread the chocolate on the sides of the liner. Ad 1 teaspoon of light peanut butter in the middle and cover with 1 more TB of melted chocolate. Refrigerate until firm – about one hour. This recipe makes 6 chocolate peanut butter cups.


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