Vegan MoFo Day 3: cretan food

I was away since Friday, for a long weekend, combining business and pleasure. We had an executive briefing at the Cape Sounio exclusive resort. Their food options are supposed to be inspired by Crete and it’s all organic and locally grown. We are talking about a lot of food here people. I think I gained 5 pounds during this weekend. So here is just few things of what I had.

On Friday night, as an appetizer we were served steamed vegetables, potato wedges, grilled artichokes, dakos, onion pickles, olives and chorta (greens).

steamed veggies

of course there was traditional Greek salad (without feta cheese)

Greek salad

And stuffed veggies (eggplants, tomatoes, peppers and wine leaves stuffed with rice)

stuffed veggies

For the main dish we had baked okra. There were two non vegan options too but of course I didn’t bother looking at those 😛

baked okra

For the dessert I had sweet pita with sour cherries sauce on top


The next day for breakfast I am not sure I can recall exactly what I ate but there was definitely beans on toast, mushrooms, halva, fruits, juice and coffee. I also had apple rolls and a delicious pistachio muffin. Must try to make these at home.

apple rolls and pistachio muffins

for lunch I had this delicious salad with lettuce, spinach, rucola, chives and strawberries. As a main dish I had penne with tomato sauce and basil. There was also a pretty dessert which unfortunately was not vegan so I ate some figs instead.

mixed green salad with strawberries

I was still stuffed from breakfast and lunch during the dinner, so I just got a little bit of each thing that I liked in one plate, instead of getting a four course meal again. I filled my plate with veggie kebabs, zucchini salad, rice with peppers, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, steamed potatoes, baked potatoes, olive spread, grilled mushrooms and sauted greens with caramelized almonds on top.

tasty stuff

For dessert I had this delicious coconut mango ice cream topped with caramelized almonds.

coconut mango ice cream

On Sunday I was still so stuffed that I actually had only juices during the entire day.

This was a great great weekend! not only because of the food but also because I got to get to the theater and see Hamlet. The new season premiere of Dexter was a big plus too. And to top this happy long weekend I started my Monday morning drinking alcohol for breakfast and watching Guns N’ Roses performing at Rock in Rio in Brazil. Hope you all had as great time as I had during this weekend!


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