Vegan Mofo Day 1: Dining at Funky Gourmet

Few days ago I organized a business dinner at Funky Gourmet, a restaurant that is specialized in Molecular gastronomy. I wasn’t supposed to attend this dinner but my boss insisted, so I notified the restaurant manager like only 2 hours in advance that I was gonna join and that I was vegan. In my surprise the chef did everything to please me and serve me a total vegan dinner. The dishes were all amazing, really well presented and the staff was very helpful, explaining all ingredients and concept of each dish.

the Funky Gourmet vegan menu
mai tai, apple martini, mojito

We started the dinner with these 3 fabulous “drinks”

Then we continued with the mastic crackers


Then we had this amazing salad with quinoa, flowers and vegetables. Probably the best salad I had in a long time!

quinoa & vegetables salad

Then I had the parsnip. This was so beautiful placed in a shell, garnished with ginger foam to represent the waves and frozen dried breadcrumbs to represent the sand, served with zucchini dressing. The shell was placed on a plastic bag full of water, sea rocks and shells to represent the ocean. I ❤ this dish.


Then I had the stuffed zucchini, which was basically sushi rice with herbs, rolled in zucchini shreds.

Stuffed zucchini

Then I had a greek salad (which had nothing to do with the traditional greek salad but unfortunately didn’t get a picture of this dish) and grilled vegetables.

Then I had the falafel. Very moist and tasty, served with tomato marmalade on the side.

The Funky Gourmet Falafel Burger

Unfortunately, this dinner was gonna last forever, and after 3 hours being there tasting their amazing food, I had to run to my restaurant and didn’t get the chance to try their desserts. Maybe another time 🙂


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