Forever would not have been enough

This post is dedicated to Peanut

baby Peanut
baby Peanut

Peanut was born on Christmas of 1996 and entered our home a week later, on New Year’s Eve of 1997. He’s been part of my family for 19 years. We basically grew up together. I promised him I was always going to love and take care of him. Peanut is a very special cat with an enormous will to live. Back in 2005 he got really sick. He got an internal ear infection that even the vets couldn’t originally diagnose, his head was constantly full of pus, and poor Peanut had 6 surgeries in less than a year. In 2006 after 10 surgeries total, and after 4 different diagnoses from different vets, we were told that the best thing we could do is put him to sleep. Thank God we didn’t. We put him in a clinic instead, had a million tests and MRI scans and got his one ear removed. A few months later, and after two polypus, we had to remove his other ear too. So now, 12 surgeries later, little peanut was basically deaf but healthy again. Still very active and playful, still very strong, still very lovable and adorable, always wanted to be petted and happy to live!

Peanut with my mom
Peanut with my mom
Me and Peanut
Me and Peanut

My story with veganism started here, as I was really sad that Peanut had to go through all this trouble and it got me thinking, why do I love one animal, and eat the others? But you can read more about this on the about me page.

Baby Peanut just few months old ...
Baby Peanut just few months old …

Following those two last surgeries, some of his nerves were damaged, his one ear dropped, and his one eye was always open. We had to put eye drops 5 times a days for years, yet eventually his eye got crystallized, he couldn’t see anymore and he was in a lot of pain. So in 2013 he had his last surgery, his one eye removed. Still with one eye and no ears, he was a very adorable and active kitty!!! Unfortunately earlier this year, at the age of 19, he was diagnosed with cat alzheimer’s disease. He wanted to eat every single hour as he kept forgetting he already had a meal, he meowed all day and all night long and he had to take pills and fluids in order to avoid a kidney failure.


Then the bad thing happened. No, he didn’t pass away. I was (not really) a bit prepared for that. He left. I was shocked. Peanut was gone and nowhere to be found. I put posters up, ads everywhere, thousands of social media posts and shares, contacted every vet clinic and pet store, all cleaning road services, 24 hour gas stations and searched for weeks day and night. I still cannot believe this happened. My little peanut is gone.

peanut age 3

I hope… I know… I am sure that someone found him, immediately loved him and that he has a new home now. Because he is a very strong cat, and because he has a will to live, I can’t accept that something bad happened to him. I won’t lose hope, and I will never stop searching for him… Until we meet again…

Let me tell you more about Peanut. Peanut liked to travel. Over the years I did more than a hundred trips with him. He was the best travel companion I could have. He liked to sit on the passenger’s seat and he wouldn’t mind a non stop 6 hours trip with a car.  Peanut liked to eat plants. Flowers, greens, grass… it really didn’t matter! He was always so happy running around my mom’s garden. Peanut loved the snow. He was like a kid at a playground when I’d let him walk on the snow. But he didn’t like the cold. So once he got back inside he would warm his butt in front of the heater. Peanut liked hanging around other animals. His best friend was Almond. They loved playing around and sleep the one on top of the other. Peanut could feel every time I got sad and he would cuddle next to me for hours. Peanut liked to have a seat on the table at dinner parties and be part of our gatherings.

1 2 8 4


He was the best companion anyone could ever wish for….53 6 7

To my Peanut… I want you to know that life is not the same with you. I love you and I miss you every single moment. I miss those little things. Like your wake up calls for food. Your thankful nose kisses and the sound of your little pitter patter of paws on the floor.

peanut last

a couple from his latest photos
a couple of his latest photos

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